The elephant camp at Konni serves as a hub of forest-based eco tourism activities in southern Kerala. Various locations in forest areas also have been developed, which can be accessed through trekking in forests. 


Half-day trek takes visitors to locations like Kurichi, Chavarpandy etc., which are locations in evergreen forests. Peruvally in Kallar River is another enchanting location for relaxation after half day trekking. 

Kattathi, Kottampara and Aluvamkudy are locations, which can be accessed in one day trekking through sylvan forests. 

Manalar-Kumbhavurutty in Achencoil is a rejuvenating waterfall deep inside forests which is destination of two days trekking. 

The visitors are assisted by trained guides, engaged by the Vana Samrakshana Samithi (VSS), who provide camping facilities and ethnic food. Treks, which include camping in forests, are accompanied by forest officials.

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